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Afterfuture Generative Art

Artist collaboration on Flow

Our dedicated services are developed to fulfill the whole product cycle. They range from discovery, branding, design over to development and continuous improvements in order to achieve the best outcome.


When Afterfuture approached us, one of the first creators to support the Flow blockchain, we were excited and honoured to collaborate with their team. Known for their contributions such as art releases on Versus, art collaborations with Party Favorz, and designing the Flowverse members card, we valued the opportunity to work with one of the leading creators in the ecosystem.

Properly named, Afterfuture’s Generated Experiences (AFGE), the idea was to create 500 packs that would go on sale for the Flow community. At the time, we were deep into the bear market, and both teams' sales expectations were kept in check as we worked together to create a memorable experience for both the artist and collectors.

The project posed several technical challenges, as each pack could contain up to three NFTs from different projects. This meant packing NFTs from various contracts into a single package while ensuring diversity in the contents. Additionally, we faced the challenge of Airdropping new collection pieces to users on the Flow blockchain, a task notoriously difficult due to the restrictions Flow places on accepting NFTs from new collections.

Despite these hurdles, our team's ability to adapt and overcome these obstacles led to significant learning and growth. The release proved to be a success for all parties involved.

Drop Information

  • Drop Date: 15.03.2023
  • Total Packs: 500
  • Participating Projects: Afterfuture, Find Labs, Flovatar

Technical Information

  • Smart Contract Language: Cadence
  • Sourcing and Packing NFTs
  • Created pack drop page on our website
  • 86 Airdropped packs to specific users

    • This required our team to send packs to the users Inbox. A novel system developed to circumvent Flow’s restriction for accepting NFTs from new collections.
    • We created an Airdrop list from user addresses with preexisting NFTs, took a snapshot of their wallets who owned three specific NFT then airdropped a pack directly to their wallet.
    • Packs were Airdropped and claimable from our website at .find xyz using our Inbox system.

Pack Information

A total of 500 packs were created - no more, no less.

  • 350 Packs Containing 2 NFTs:

    • 1 Random AFGE NFT (from a total of 28 different pieces)
    • 1 Random Flovatar Background (from a total of 3 different background options)
  • 150 Packs Containing 3 NFTs:

    • 118 of these packs will receive an additional AFGE NFT.
    • 32 packs will receive an additional .find voucher NFT.


The NFT packs were made available on the .find website, where users could purchase, open, and view their NFTs all in one place. The team successfully airdropped packs to users' inboxes, and the pack sales proceeded smoothly, allowing users to buy 1-10 packs in a single transaction. There were no issues with the sales; users received the packs directly in their wallets and had the opportunity to open them from the .find website collection.

Additionally, a pack counting feature was successfully implemented, which auto-updated whenever new packs were minted or airdropped to users, ensuring real-time tracking and transparency.


Each challenge we encountered, from the issues with collection to the minting path discrepancies on Mainnet, provided valuable insights allowing our team to grow as developers. These experiences further enriched our understanding of user engagement and the dynamics of the NFT market. Additionally, the swift resolutions of these issues post-launch reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.


The Afterfuture Generated Experience project showcased our ability to navigate complex technical challenges and deliver a stable user-centric product. Despite facing minor issues related to NFT collection and minting paths, our team's efficient resolution strategies underscored our commitment to continuous improvement.

This endeavor not only enhanced our technical proficiency but also enriched our understanding of the NFT market dynamics. Moving forward, the insights gained from this project will be instrumental in guiding our future ventures in blockchain technology and digital artistry, maintaining a focus on innovation and customer engagement.

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